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Screenplay Format Guide


Types of Screenplays
Purpose and description of screenplay format variations. Determine which type you should write.

Format Purpose
The four key reasons why you should stick to the format.

Title Page
Example title page diagram with bubbles pointing out what to include and what not to include. Explains unusual situations, like multiple authors and screenplay adaptations.

Assembly & Binding
Diagram shows the proper assembly and binding of your screenplay: what to include, what order, paper types, etc.

First & Last Page
Explanation of special considerations that apply to the first and last page of your screenplay.

General Rules
A complete list of all of the general formatting rules: paper size, acceptable fonts, grammar, page numbering, etc.

Inside Spread

Screenplay Example
The entire inside of the guide is a two page spread with a sample screenplay page and a half. Every major format specification is demonstrated in the example, plus many unusual circumstances like how to handle signs and embedded personal direction.

Color Coded Elements
All of the major screenplay elements (Action, Dialog, etc) are pointed out and color coded for easy lookup on the back page where they are explained in detail.

A ruler runs across the top and left of the page so you can clearly see the indent measurements in action. Margins and special indents (like Character Cue, Parentheticals, and Dialog) are also marked with their own measurements.

Proper Pagination
The screenplay breaks across a block of dialog so you can quickly see how to properly handle special page breaks while keeping within the format specifications.

Margins & Indents Chart
A great reference chart shows the common indents for the seven screenplay elements (Action, Dialog, etc).


The Screenplay Elements
Action, Dialog, Scene Headings and the rest are fully documented on the back page. Each gets its own box with example usage and tips that go beyond simple page formatting specifications.

Do's and Don'ts
A list of things you should do and things you should avoid, based on common mistakes most beginning screenwriters make time after time.

Interchangeable Terms
Some industry professionals call Action "blackstuff," and Personal Direction "wrylies." This section lists all of the major term variations so you'll really know your stuff!

Product Specifications

Dimensions: 8½ x 11" closed
Standard paper size fits folders, etc
Sturdy, four page, folded guide
Front, back and inside two page spread
List price: $4.95
ISBN: 0-9770698-0-X
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